Tuesday, January 20, 2015

'Elementary' S3E10 - 'Seed Money' - The bad boys always get the girls - I'm surprised no one was sneezing.

This episode opens with Kitty at her support group delivering a wonderful line taken from the Canon, with only a slight rewrite of course; "Life is stranger than anything the mind can invent. . ."

From here Kitty is asked to help find the daughter of one of the other support group members. This for all intended purposes removes her from being involved with Holmes and Joan's case. The end results also gives the viewers a chance to see how far Kitty as come in her own healing.

Mean while, back at the Baker Street cave, Holmes is asked to help with the deaths of two elderly people found dead in their beds. Of course that is not the real crime, only an accidental death caused by the true crime which took place in the basement below.
The case, involving cloning, and mafia and marijuana was interesting and provided some good observations and deductions.
We glimpsed Holmes' knowledge of botany as well as his knowledge of past criminal cases and again his acute sense of smell.
Canonically we a had a good quote about the motives of women which fit in, again Canonically with Holmes' view of women.
The show, thank goodness, lacked, for the most part, the juvenile behaviors we have come to expect from Millers Holmes. Even the waking of Watson was much more subtle than usual.

Watson is exploring working more away from Holmes, which Canonically holds true. It is unfortunate that the writers could not have made use of Watson's doctoring skills in this new career, say working for a neighborhood clinic or something. We never in the Canon think of Watson as one of Holmes' deductive contemporaries, but instead we realize he had a life away from Holmes that probably took up much of his time. We always took that to be his medical career, his sports, his club and later and at times his wife. So, it is at least good to see Watson having a life of her own, it would have just been better if it had been a different career.

Watson's 'Marty' Morstan is once again absent from the episode. I guess the over-seas trip didn't do all that much for the relationship.

One thing this episode made me think about was; When Watson was indeed absent from portions of Holmes case time, was Billy or the Baker St. Irregulars playing the role of 'Kitty' from Elementary?
A lot of the leg work we see 'Kitty' doing in the show, was it done by the Irregulars?

Which brings us back to the most interesting part of the show, the preview into the next episode.
Kitty's past is coming back and how will it affect all three of our players? Is Kitty on her way out?
Did we really believe Kitty was gong to be the next Watson?

Although still lacking in Sherlockian clinches, it was a much better episode than last week and was an enjoyable one to watch.

So I can fairly give it I believe;

Probably three and a half would be more realistic but I didn't feel like cropping today.


  1. Good review, as always. Today is the first day off from the USPS since January 1 (yes, Amazon Sunday deliveries) and for some reason I wasn't able to log onto Google until yesterday but I have been following SHSoStC and enjoying it. I like the "SHIN-The Music of Holmes" post. It got me thinking about Miller's Holmes and his love of music. I know the dislikers will harp on the talking-at-the-opera scene from the pilot, but I think that if the Canonical Holmes was around today, his taste in music maybe as wide-ranging and eclectic as Miller's Holmes,

    1. Buddy2Blogger is much more up on the music stuff than I am (I lack any musical talent and even have trouble playing the radio), but even to us non-musical people the music really helps the plots.