Friday, January 23, 2015

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Benedict Cumberbatch finally goes full Sherlock in new photo

Benedict Cumberbatch has played Sherlock Holmes for years, and occasionally donned that famous deerstalker cap. But has the actor ever looked so… Sherlock-ian? Here’s the actor filming the BBC/PBS fan favorite series at Gloucester Cathedral in Britain on Thursday in extremely Arthur Conan Doyle / Victorian-esque garb (full photo below).
Sherlock is likely to return sometime this year for a special one-off episode (which Cumberbatch and co-star Martin Freeman are currently filming) and then we’ll probably get season four in 2016 (though neither date has been confirmed). Now all he needs is a magnifying glass.


  1. Thanks for these uber-cool photos. I'm very excited about the next season!

  2. Benedict looks really good in the Victorian outfit. Hope the script is good too.


    1. I like Martins coat and hat, and it really is a good scarf. We don't where scarf's enough over here.