Monday, January 12, 2015

'Elementry' S3E9 - 'The Eternity Injection' - An eternity waiting for Holmes to appear

Once again Sherlock takes one of Watson's cases.
This one, a plea for help from one of Watson's co-workers, comes as a request to find a missing nurse who worked with Watson's friend.

Most of the evening once again resolved around Holmes' addiction and how he is dealing with it.

The case ends up revolving around and experimental drug that allows one to experience more life in a shorter period of time. . . . I think.
But it doesn't matter, once again the case really wasn't that important. Other than a slight similarity to CREE where both involve a drug that in some ways, mentally or physically gives one more energy.

Watson had very little to do, and Kitty even less. And although I like the fact that, other the the bugle blowing, most of the annoying habits of Holmes were nonexistent.
So, however, was any likeness to a Canonical Holmes.
For me this was the most police procedural of any of the tales so far.

Also, where last season we seemed to dwell most on Holmes relationship with Watson, this year so far it seems to be on his drug habit.

Where last week I found the show very good, and very Canonical, there was none of that this week.

I can only fairly give it;

mostly just because it wasn't bad.


  1. Well said about the lack of resemblance to the Canonical Version.


    1. Yea, although I am liking the less odd Holmes, ya still have to put the Canon in there some where.

  2. Are you saying Holmes writing about Bella's love life in the Twilight saga and playing the bugle isn't Canonical? This is the modern Holmes I thought, 'Elementary' writers only need to borrow the monikers of the characters, and not know what makes up the characters. I LOVE this show. BEST thing on TV, no doubt about it.

    1. Well, that's one way to look at it.
      I would prefer a more Canonical Holmes in modern times for it to work better.
      I for the most part like the show also, but doubt if I would watch it very much if not looking for Canonical references.

    2. P.S. I was joking about loving it.