Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dumbing down our readers?

While looking for a pdf version of HOUND to do some research I came upon the section I was looking for re-written like this;

"As I walked towards the hut, I saw that someone had certainly been using it. A path' had been worn' up to the door. I took my revolver out of my pocket, and checked that it was ready to fire. I walked'quickly and quietly up to the hut, and looked inside. The place was empty. But this was certainly where the man lived. As I looked round the hut, I knew that the mysterious man must have a very strong character. No other person could live in -conditions as bad as these. There were some blankets on a flat stone w~ere the man slept. There had been a fire in o:p.e comer. There were some cooking pots, and a large bowl half full of water. In the middle of the hut was another large flat stone which was used as a table, and on it was the bag the boy had been carrying. Under the bag I saw ~ piece of paper with writing on it. Quickly, I picked up the paper and read what was written on it. It said: 'Dr Watson has -gone to Newtown.' I realized that the mysterious man had told someone to watch me, and this was a message from his spy. Was the man a dangerous enemy? Or was he a friend who was watching us to make sure we were safe? I decided I would not leave the hut until I ,knew. Outside, the sun was low in the sky. Everything looked  calm and peaceful in the golden evening light. But I did not feel peaceful or calm. I felt frightened as I waited for the mysterious man. Then I heard footsteps coming towards the hut. As they came closer, I moved into the'darkest corner of the hut. I did' not want the man to see me until I had looked closely at. him. The footsteps stopped, and I could hear nothing at alL Then the man began to move again, and the footsteps came: closer. A shadow fell across the door of the hut. , . 'It's a lovely evening, my dear Watson,' said a voice I knew well .. 'I really think you will enjoy it more out here.' "

Once again I have to ask, would you keep reading Sherlock Holmes if they had been written in this manner?



  1. I stopped reading that after a few sentences! Perhaps that is a version (dull) for people learning English?