Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Elementary Review - Season 5, Episodes 103 & 104

#103 - 'Bang, Bang, Shoot, Chute"

So far this episode has been one of my least favorite of what I think is the shows best season to date.

One of two risk taking base-jumpers is shot while free falling from a tall building. Which proves to be unnecessary, since his chute had been messed with anyway.

Which leads Holmes to suspect that two people had intended to murder the jumper.
  For me, this episode fell back on what had been its problem last year; an over complicated story line and not enough Sherlockianisms.
The jumpers wife wants him dead because he had an affair, and a partner wants him dead for other reasons.

While the storyline for episode #104 had some big holes in it, it was at least a fun episode because of Sherlockianisms and some available good discussion points.

Biggest storyline flaw was the sausage shop owners part in the story.
We are lead to believe that the shop owner is really on top of his business. The only one that has total access to the workings of his business.
Yet, a; he doesn't notice that there is more ground meat the next morning than he ground the night before. B; where are the bones? C; How did the murderer know about the sausage shop? Had he been a customer, which surely the owner would have known, or a connection could have been made by Holmes in the storyline (which may have made it to easy).
Once again, instead of just a good storyline or mystery, the writers had to make it overly complicated for no reason.

However! We do get a mention of the Six Napoleons, Musgrave, and the Beryl Coronet with Mr Holder.

A good discussion point is Holmes' arrogance and how it my relate to how he handles cases (and people).

I had fun watching this episode, so I can fairly give it;

and if it is fun, well, that's the whole point isn't it?

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