Monday, May 6, 2013

A Review - 'Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes'

I was going to buy this to add to the collection and watch it with my daughter, but HUB saved me the effort, thank goodness, and showed it this past weekend.

While it carries some heavy weight talent in the voice department;
Michael York as Holmes
John Rhys-Davies as Watson
Malcolm McDowell as Moriarty,
it does little in the animation department.

The story, especially for kids is OK and plausible, but the animation and slap stick really let it down.

Much of the slap stick of Tom and Jerry that was excepted years ago is no longer appropriate or, in this case, funny. It is way over done and badly drawn.
In the old cartoons I never really felt sorry for the Tom, but you had to in this one.

I shared some of the background art work for the movie a while ago on this site here, and loved it.
But the finished product really let that wonderful art work down.
Holmes and Moriarty are drawn OK, and if the other characters aren't moving, they are fine, but there is lots of bad character animation especially during the slap stick.

Kids who grew up with Scooby-doo aren't going to care, it's all they expect now unless it is a major animation studio putting it out.

There are several nods to Holmes and Holmes stories and actors ( Jeremy Brett, Nigel Bruce ), Red Headed League, BLUE, etc, especially early on, which makes it kind of fun for a little while.

So I can only fairly give it,

and that's only because I don't want to cut my pipe in half.
It is rather unfortunate that they plan several 'Tom and Jerry meet. . .' programs.

To be fair, my daughter would probably give it


  1. Unlike The Great Mouse Detective, I had no idea that a Tom and Jerry animated version existed.


  2. You were lucky in your ignorance.
    There are some fun references, but that's about it.
    No where near as good as The Great Mouse Detective.