Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #3 - Will Smith

I don't usually have a plan when I pick a name to make a Sherlockian connection with, it's usually just who pops into my head as I start to think about it or someone I see in a trailer or add for a movie or TV show.
Today I chose popular actor Will Smith, and didn't expect it to be so easy until I looked at his filmography.

So here goes. . . .

Will Smith. . . .                              

was in the movie Independence Day in 1996. . .                          

which also starred Margaret Colin. . .. 

who played Jane Watson in The Return of Sherlock Holmes 1987

I thought this one would take a little longer, but here it is. By the looks of his list of movies, I am sure there is more than one film connecting him to Sherlock Holmes.

I will try to find one that requires more steps next week.


  1. I got one: Will Smith worked in the Men in Black movies, that had Steven Spielberg as executive producer. Spielberg was also the executive producer on Young Sherlock Holmes.

    Again, a simple connection. I will see if I can catch a more complicated one.