Friday, May 10, 2013

Elementary Episode #22 - 'Risk Management' - A review.

There are several things I really like about this episode, but it did have it's usual short comings.

The beginning started off pretty sharp with the, finally, involvement of Moriarty.
I think there was some stellar acting all the way around, and several twists to keep us involved.

So far the biggest complaint is the same as it has been for me for a while and that is the way 'Holmes' is being lead around to find clues.
He can see how it can be a plot device with the Moriarty part of the story, but it has also been an issue, for me, in several of the shows.
We see some good deductions on his part at times, but it seems the major ones are brought to his attention most of the time.

Part of that, I hope, will be resolved when 'Holmes' finally beats Moriarty, and I guess right now we are suppose to feel Moriarty is controlling the situation and eventually 'Holmes' will get a handle on the problem. We don't know yet why Moriarty needs Holmes and that's OK.

We had the wonderful quote, from FINA,  about 'Moriarty' at the center of the Spiders web delivered by 'Moriarty', which I thought was a great touch. After all, if 'Holmes' can have such a big ego about his abilities, why can't Moriarty.

We had the quote 'the Women' actually delivered by 'Holmes'.

The supporting cast was terrific.

I do have a question though; "What happened to Gottlieb?"

I don't think we are done with Moran.

And where is Mrs. Hudson?

I loved the soccer ball scenes and am trying to decide if that is in place of pistol shot 'V'.

This could be a good pivotal show depending on how it goes next week.

I am however only going to give a
 because of it's kinda wishy-washy approach, reserving the right to come back and change it if it actually helps develop the ending, or as may be the case, not.


  1. I agree pretty much with this review and what you point out is the "deduction issue". I also agree that this episode should best be judged in the light of nest week's finale. I like how the quote about Moriarty was given to Moriarty, too. It makes sense given that Moriarty's existence was revealed to Sherlock by torturing a serial killer--same as in the case with Cumberbatch!--and that Sherlock could not find evidence for Moran's claims.

  2. Good catch about the soccer ball as a stand in for the "V" shooting.

    You summed up nicely the ups and downs of this episode.