Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - Clint Eastwood

I kinda was looking for someone who I thought may be hard to link with Sherlock Holmes, so I chose Clint Eastwood.

I didn't turn out as hard as I thought it would, and there turned out to be more than one connection.

So here goes.

Clint Eastwood -

was in a movie called - 

which starred Donald O'Connor (one of my all time favorites) - 

who was in the 1939 movie Beau Geste - 

which also included in it's cast the versatile Robert Preston - 

who participated in the movie Star Spangled Rhythm - 

of which Arthur Treacher -

of Mary Poppins
 and fish and chips fame, worked with Reginald Owens (as Admiral Boom)

of 1932 Sherlock Holmes, as Watson (and many other) fame - Reginald Owen
(So I guess we could do away with Arthur Treacher since Reginald Owen was in Mary Poppins, but I just really like fish and chips so I am going to leave him in).

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