Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book review - 'The Way of All Flesh' by Daniel Ward

The Way of all Flesh by Daniel Ward.

This was a fun, quick read. Well written, faithful in style and didn't get to far away from original structure.

Holmes and Watson are very likable and you can tell Ward has respect for the material.

He did well to keep the book short for the plot would not have handled a longer telling, much like the short stories in the canon.

He brought many things into his book that are referenced in the canon and even added footnotes to those inclusions.

Some good humor between Holmes and Watson.

I read it in kindle form, and mistakes were those that are usual in that format. Ending was only slightly disappointing, but the strength of the writing made up for that.

I will check out others by Mr. Ward.


  1. Thanks John for the review.

    I will check out this pastiche.


    1. It was a nice and relaxing read to put you in the mood for Holmes.
      Didn't require a lot of thought, nor did it offend.