Friday, May 10, 2013

Why do you hate it so Mr. B.K.?

We know you are an authority on the subject, you tell us so all the time.
But I think you are missing the point, which isn't surprising.
Surely it is no worse the than the dress up 'Holmes' you showed us at the 221bcon.
And surely it is no worse the the deviants who post so many offending pieces of art work, and I use the term art work loosely, about Holmes and Watson.
If you hate it so, which I have challenged you to do, don't watch the last episode, leave it for people who can at least get some fun out of 'playing the game'.
After all, wasn't Nigel Bruce one of the worst Watson's ever, yet we find him endearing at this point in time.
Sure the show is not what each of us would like it to be, and that would be different for each of us, but at least the Sherlockian community is finding some fun in playing the game. It has us talking Holmes and testing our skills at comparison.
We can't wait for 'Sherlock' to come out, we never know when or if it will.
So, stay on your high seat, with your jesters and let the rest of us get something out of it.


  1. In re: "Post-Elementary blog blog." "The fact that he had to explain to a fellow who is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes exactly who "Moriarty" is both denigrates the original Moriarty as a criminal mastermind and the original Sherlock Holmes as a detective." Sherlock tortures a serial killer to get the name of a criminal mastermind. Moriarty then clues Sherlock into his identity which leads to confrontation. This is Series 1 of "Sherlock"! Moriarty has to explain to Sherlock who he is! I'm sure if someone tell this a-ma-zing coincidence to Brad, he'll fault "Elementary" for theft, but won't raise any objections to "Sherlock" for doing it first.