Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Elementary S4, E19 and 20, The Two Hour Elementary Event!

Well, that's kind of the way it was hyped.
When in fact it was just two seperate episodes with a back story connecting story, which is kind of what these shows do on a weekly basis anyway.
The two episodes were; 'All in', about an illegal poker game that is robbed to coverup the real purpose for the games interruption.
And, 'Art imitates Art', about a murder to cover up a previous murder.
And mixed in with these two stories was Joan finding out she has a half sister.

Both episodes continued in the solid epsisodes that have become the norm for this season.

In 'All in' there were some good Sherlockian connections.
 - While bouncing Sherlock comments on how slow crime is in New York with no murders over the last week.
- He also commented on how he does not retain useless information in his mind.
-He also complimented Bell for seeming to be picking up on what Holmes is teaching him. (With Bell noticing the camera in the ceiling)

While other observations were well done, I would have to question the bullet casing burn on the dealers arm (unless it was a plant). Nothing in the video of the robbery would suggest her falling on the casing took place anywhere close to when the shot was fired, or that the caing would remain that hot for that long.

'Art imitates Art' was again a solid episode with some good twists and turns, and again a commentary on modern society.

The only thing that still bothers me about the series is the shows need to make Holmes seem like he is hung up on sex, pertaining to himself and others.

We also once again find out Watson is not Joans real last name. I our image of Watson, does that matter?

Two, once again, solid episodes. This show will always have the problem of creating the 'atmosphere' of a Sherlock Holmes story, and I do not think that is its goal.

So I once again give these episodes;

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