Monday, April 25, 2016

Elementary - Season 4, Episodes 21, and 22

While these two episodes have maintained the level of good procedural that has been this season, the noticeable things to make it more Sherlockian as not increase.
'Ain't nothing like the real thing', episode 21 was about a staged murder which acutally turned to into a double murder by a soon to be jilted wife.

Episode 22, 'Turn it upside down', was a triple murder used to cover up the intend target.
Holmes at first suspected that his father my have had something to do with it because the target worked for Morland Holmes.
These two episodes were tied together because the target victim had been someone Joan Watson had been working with to uncover a mole in Morlands empire.

Morlands storyline with the younger Holmes is starting to grow a little stale so I hope they find a way to pick that up a bit.

Combining a story line into these two episodes with them carrying over into the next two episodes makes me wonder, still, why they didn't do such justice to Hound. While I agree with James assestment of Hound, I still don't think they did just to the most popular story in the Canon.

The ending of 'Turn it upside down', along with next weeks previews, suggest Natalie Dormers 'Moriarty' my be coming back. I look forward to that return if it is to be.

The show does however still need to find more Sherlockian spark.

Overall, these two episode have once again helped make this the strongest season so far for Eementary.

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