Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Feeling overwhelmed . . . .

Or perhaps it would be better phrased as 'clueless' in my case.

I must admit, for the most part, I can't keep up with all the blogs, tumbles, tweets and +'s out there regarding Sherlock Holmes.
It has, for me, become very hard and mind 'bloggeling', with the time I have to devote to it, for me to pick what is relevant, appropriate and up-to-date in the electronic world of Sherlock Holmes. I have yet to listen to a pod-cast (and may need to find someone younger to teach me how to do that.)

Of late, this small blog has seemed just a drop in a rather large Sherlockian ocean.
Most of what is out there now is devoted to the new often used realm of 'fandom' and the world of the wonderful TV show 'Sherlock' and it's star. Which is fine. It is a great show.
A lot of time and effort seems to be spent trying to one-up other sources on the latest news and sightings (I think I have fallen into that one a couple of times). It would be interesting, if possible, to find out if the Strand was so anticipated when a new Holmes story was about to come out.

My goal with this blog has always been to just have fun with Holmes information. Occasionally offering some deeper comments, but mostly just trying to have fun. (I have even tried to stop responding as much to BK's blog, 'cause it just took the fun out of it for me. He does however still post, occasionally, a thoughtful post.)
I hope I have done that, and will keep that as my goal.

The wonderful picture above is provided by The Office Books blog.


  1. Love the illustration. Reminds me of a Vanity Fair article of June 25 2013 called "With Decoy Babies, Kim Kardashian Has Basically Become A Modern Day Sherlock Holmes" by Josh Duboff: "Who knew Kim Kardashian had a Machiavellian streak in her? Presumably weary of her so-called “friends,” Kim has put on her detective cap (made by Lanvin, no doubt). She was reportedly nervous that those close to her might try to sell a picture of newborn North to tabloids, so she sent out two different decoy pictures of “imposter” infants to a bunch of her friends, and then, we're guessing, lit her meerschaum pipe, stroked her imaginary mustache and waited to see what ensued." Yes, a "detective cap", meerschaum and a mustache and you have Sherlock Holmes. Whether he's wearing the purple shirt of sex or a three day growth of whiskers, gay or straight, he has become all things to all people. I miss the simpler days when all he did was hawk products: "Mrs. Hudson's Laxatives--'It's alimentary, my dear Watson.'"

  2. There were some great old adds featuring Holmes and many times Rathbonc.