Friday, July 5, 2013

The Baker Street Journal

I am an off-again-on-again subscriber to the BSJ.
And, really, not through any fault of the Journal itself.
Most of the time I find, for me, the writings tend to be a little to academic for my interests. Again, more to do with my personality than the writings or writers themselves.
I have a rather short attention span when it comes to details and higher learning, and if there are more than a couple words with more than three syllables, I get a little over-whelmed.

With that said, however, there have been times when I have followed it faithfully, getting it in the mail for several years at a time.

I have just ended a dry spell where I have not received it for a while, and have just started to read my first issue of this year. (Pictured to the left, with an illustration by one of my favorites, F.D Steele on the cover.)

I was inspired to start getting it again when Alistair Duncan mentioned on his blog (one I follow) that an article by him would appear in the summer issue. So that was the first one I read. Titled, 'The Changing face of the Sherlockian.'

A very timely piece with all the discussion of late. Much along the same lines as my thoughts on the subject. Well informed and thoughtful. The piece was fun to read.

I have only read a couple other writings in this issue of the Journal so far, but plan on reading the rest today.

I always look forward to the cartoons and humor the most (what does that say about me).

And I am glad to see the Journal has not drawn any lines in the sand taking sides, one way or the other, in the ACD estate debate.

I also like the fact the the cover changes, it seems, a little each time now.

Baker Street Journal.

Here is a Collier's cover art of 'The Last Bow' and more of Steele's works.


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  2. I received my issue on Friday. While I am still reading it (I like to savor the issues, taking my time to read them and then to reread the articles I like best), it is a very good issue with Thad Holt's "Altamont Revisited" being the type of Higher Criticism article I enjoy and seem to be in short supply these days. The trio of articles on 21st century Sherlockiana, Lloyd Rose's "Magical Mystery Trick", Ashley Polasek's "The Post-Millennial Sherlock Holmes: Adapting the Great Detective in the 21st Century" and Alistair Duncan's "The Changing Face of the Sherlockian", complement each other very well. One could add Heather Holloway's report on 221B Con into the mix. I especially like Polasek's article as she managed to put into words my thoughts on the three modern franchises. Rose's tribute to "Sherlock" was well written, even if he does, briefly, what B.K. doesn't like; tearing down other Holmeses to build up his favorite. In this case, I don't think B.K. will mind. Duncan's memoir has important sentiments all should read. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

    1. Like you I am enjoying the issue very much. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. You are right about the "Altamont Revisited" piece. Very well done.