Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some connections from the Trivia Question of the Dayweekmonthyear from the other day.

The question was, give a couple Sherlockian connections in the movie 'Aces High'.

Some of the answers are;

 Christopher Plummer (1929) was in the 1979 film. . .

"Murder by Decree" as Sherlock Holmes.

as was Sir John Gielgud (1904-2000)

Sherlock Holmes on radio in the 1950's.

And Simon Ward (1941-2012) was the father of. . .

Sophie Ward (1964) who starred in . . .

1985's 'Young Sherlock Holmes".

If we dig deep enough, we would find more connections I am sure.

And this one just in from James,

Malcolm McDowell (1943) was the voice of . . .

. . . Professor James Moriarty in 2010's . . .

. .  previously reviewed, 'Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes'.

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