Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes #12 - Heath Ledger, one day late.

I thought this one would be fairly easy, but not as easy as it turned out.

So here goes.

Someone who was fast becoming one of my favorites and someone we lost way to early
Heath Ledger - 1979-2008

was in a small film called '10 Things I Hate about You.' - 1999

which stared the under-used Julia Stiles - 1981

who participated in 1997's 'The Devil's Own' - 

which featured Margaret Colin - 1958

who played Jane Watson in 1987's 'The Return of Sherlock Holmes' 

We can also link him to the new show 'Elementary' with his connection in 'The Four Feathers' (one of my all time favorite movies) which places him two steps away from 'Gregson' in 'Elementary' by way of Wes Bentley.

There you have it, there you are.

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