Monday, December 16, 2013

Another good line from BLUE

“After all, Watson,” said Holmes, reaching up
his hand for his clay pipe, “I am not retained by
the police to supply their deficiencies."

This is one of the lines that is made in connection with the discussion a couple weeks ago about 'Elementary', and whether or not Holmes can in this modern age act above the law as he could in the stories in the Canon.

This discussion also made me think a little about Lestrade's involvement, or lack there of, in HOUN.
We had seen Holmes work with other local members of the police force, so why was Lestrade called down to Dartmoor?
Lestrade appears in 13 Canonical tales. Not a lot when considering the total number, but more than any other police officer.
I think Holmes needed someone who would allow him to work his methods without question or interference.
Someone who would go along with what ever explanation Holmes would use to explain the solution of the case. After all, what did Lestrade actually do in HOUN?

Did Holmes use Lestrade to return the stone in BLUE, or did he return it on his own, offering an explanation that it was indeed not stolen, but mislaid?

Had Holmes handpicked Lestrade as his Scotland Yard connection because Lestrade was easy to manipulate and control?

"Play the Game' and tell me what you think.

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