Thursday, December 5, 2013

Say it may be so. . .

Now, I am not as against Deerstalker hats as some may be, having actually seen them worn in the correct location (Scotland and Yorkshire) (Although I did see a Scot wearing one in Penn, and he pulled it off nicely). But I must agree, they don't usually fit in very well over here (USA). And like Sherlock Peoria, I refuse to wear one (I do own one however) at Sherlockian events.
(Other than maybe a nice suit or something, I don't usually do the dress up thing.)
But, like Sherlock Peoria points out, the hat may soon be back in vogue.
With the cold weather coming in today, it may just work with a nice wool jacket.

And yes, I said something nice about Sherlock Peoria.

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