Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #32 - Roland Young, then Greta Garbo

OK, as one last tribute to the Watson's, it was going to do Roland Young, so here goes. . .

Roland Young (1887-1953) was Watson to Barrymore's Holmes in 1922

But it turned out to easy. You see, in 1930 he was in a film called The Bishop Murder Case

But who do we see playing the detective in the movie? Why, Basil Rathbone  (1892 - 1967)

So I decided to stop doing Watson's and go back to the normal game.

So I chose Greta Grabo (1905 - 1990), even if she wants to be alone.

In 1932 she was in a little film called Grand Hotel

In which Roland Young's Sherlock, John Barrymore (1882 - 1942) also starred.

So we have come full circle.
There you have it, there you are.


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