Monday, December 2, 2013

Now that the busy holiday weekend is over - trivia question of the dayweekmonthyear for Dec.

Well, until I get my review of Murder by Decree written up, I thought I better post something.

The first scion society I ever belonged to was and is the Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn (HSU).
Formed in 1989 and this Dec. will celebrate it's 300th consecutive meeting.
As most Sherlockians would realize, they chose their name from BLAC and the fact that in our home town, the founder of the group worked at the time for McDonald Douglas Aircraft at the factory that made harpooner missiles.

Well, to hang at our meeting location and for use at special events I painted a large reproduction of F. D. Steele's cover painting for BLAC. It measures about four feet by four feet.
My goal at one time was to do a painting of all his color covers. We will have to see if that ever comes to fruition.

But anyway. . .

Here is the painting, and as trivia, what is missing. It shouldn't be to hard.

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