Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes #31 - The Watson's - Nigel Stock

One last tribute to the Watson's in celebration of the inaugural edition of The Watsonian.

Again, we are looking for Sherlock Holmes movie connections in rolls that do not include movies in which they played Watson.

This one was to easy, but I had never made the connection before, so I found it kinda fun.

Nigel Stock (1919-1986) who played Watson first to Douglas Wilmer and then Peter Cushing's Holmes,

took part in 1985's Young Sherlock Holmes

in which he played Rupert Waxflatter, once again inspiring Holmes.

He also has a connection to Stewart Granger who also played Holmes.


  1. One of my favorite Watsons. Nigel Stock is such a lucky actor to have played Watson to 2 of the best Holmes.


    1. Although I am probably one of the few who actually likes Young Sherlock Holmes, I am surprised I never made the connection.
      I agree about the two Holmes'.