Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Elementary - S5E4 (#100) - 'Henny Penny the Sky is Falling", finally one to write about this season.

This episode opens with Holmes doing a good 'how deep the parsley sank in the butter' explination to Marcus on why a suspect could not have done what he said he did. The tools he used was a bowl of water and a 'poop' emoji.
Holmes of course thinking the 'poop' emoji was an ice cream emoji add a good piece of humor.

While still at the police station Holmes spots Gregsons boss having a conversation with the inspector which makes Holmes think he may be in trouble again with Gregsons boss.
This prompts Holmes to go back and investigate some of his past cases looking for something he/they may have done wrong.
Watson of course is less worried than Holmes knowing that Gregson "has their backs".
While having this discussion the duo get a call from Marcus about a murder. 
The victim, a Quantitative Analyst, is found in his apartment, pinned to the wall (like in Black Peter) with a fireplace poker. It is determined that the victim must have known his assailant, (also in Black Peter.)

It is first suspected that Russell Cole, the victim, may have been murdered by his boss, Mitch Barry, for matters to do with their shared interest in Barry's business, or Coles affair with Barry's wife.
Discovering that Cole was having an affair with Barry's wife, Holmes and Watson discover that Cole had a cabin in upstate New York where he worked on many of his projects. 
It is also discovered that Cole had also written a paper on asteroids that was shaking up the current theories on the size of asteroids and the effect they could have on earth should one hit earth.

Cole had been trying to get more money from his partner, a Congresswoman's right hand man, who was using the paper to make money on investments in asteroid mining companies. 

That is a very simple recap of the episode.

This episode was very well done, keeping my interest for the whole show.

The episode once again found Holmes and Watson comfortable in their arrangements and content with their jobs.

The episode also had well done Sherlockian 'skills' throughout.

-The first was the opening scene with Holmes and Marcus with the emoji and bowl of water.

-This was followed by Cole being pinned to the wall with the poker. Very 'Black Peter'. Although the Canon goes on to explain how some one would have to have had experience with a harpoon to be able to do that, while the 'harpooner', Len, in this episode seemed a little smaller framed and inexperienced too be able to attach Cole so firmly to the wall with his feet actually up off the floor. (And did you notice no blood was on the poker where it went into the other apartment?)

-Holmes lack of knowledge about astronomy was also used in this episode.

-His knowledge of botany as it pertains to poisons. 

-As was his disdain for attention and public recognition. He not only mentions that he does not want credit in the public eye, but he also brings up how that recognition could bring on hard feelings with people they are having to work with. We see that over and over again in the Canon about how some of the police and officials resent Holmes' involvement. 

-In association with the asteroid part of the show we meet Julius Kent, who like Victor Trevor in Gloria Scott was an old school mate of Holmes'.  The exchange of remarks between Kent and Holmes was also very well done.

The show is still very good at exploring the relationship between Holmes and Watson.

The season so far for me has lacked much of what I had hoped would continue to grow once the show found its place; the introduction of Canonical Holmes like habits.
Thankfully this one-hundredth episode measured up and hit its mark.

This was one of the best episodes in the series for me.

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