Thursday, May 30, 2013

Isn't this a great Photo!

Credit goes to Baker St. Blog for bringing it to our attention.
It is just such a great photo of these three actors.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reading for June

This time I thought I would try something a little different and instead of using just one suggested time-line, I have used two just to see how they compare and allow room for discussion.

As I get links to more time-lines, I may add several comparisons.

The one on the right will be from Chris Miller

And the one on the left will be Sherlock Peoria

So here goes.

Chris Miller                                                                                      Sherlock Peoria
July 1879                                                     MUSG                                    1881
       1887                                                     GREE                                     1888
       1888                                                     STOC                                     1889
       1889                                                     BOSC                                     1889
July 1889                                                     ENGR                                     1889
       1889                                                     TWIS                                      1889
Summer 1903                                              MAZA                                     1894
       1900                                                     SIXN                                      1902
       1902                                                     3GAR                                      1902

Not a lot of differences, but a couple.
If you have links to other chronologies please send them on.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Here, here. . .

I hate to do this, but, credit where credit is due.

Not only is this Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes day. . .

It is also St Charles Sherlock Holmes Society's FIVE HUNDREDTH POST!


So I thought I would pick what surely had to be a hard one to connect to Sherlock Holmes.

Brad Pitt. Right.

So here goes.

Brad Pitt (1963) . .

. .  is in an upcoming movie called 'Twelve years a Slave'. . . 

Which also stars, guess who (which is not a bad thing)? Surprise! Benedict Cumberbatch (1976)

(I think the challenge over the next couple of years will be to try to make a movie without him in it.)

So much for finding a hard one this time.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Special Post - The Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'

I just couldn't help myself.

Seven degrees of Sherlock Holmes - 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'

'Plan 9' made in 1956 (premiered 1957)

Starred Gregory Walcott 1928. . .

who took part in the 1974 movie 'The Sugar Land Express'. . .

which was directed by a young Steven Spielberg (1946). . 

who's studio made 'Young Sherlock Holmes' 1985 . . 

Gregory also took part in a couple movies with Clint Eastwood, whom we have already made a Sherlockian connection with.

Thanks Brad! for the inspiration.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday and Thank you.

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle  (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930

Thanks Mr. Andriacco for reminding me.

Book review - 'The Way of All Flesh' by Daniel Ward

The Way of all Flesh by Daniel Ward.

This was a fun, quick read. Well written, faithful in style and didn't get to far away from original structure.

Holmes and Watson are very likable and you can tell Ward has respect for the material.

He did well to keep the book short for the plot would not have handled a longer telling, much like the short stories in the canon.

He brought many things into his book that are referenced in the canon and even added footnotes to those inclusions.

Some good humor between Holmes and Watson.

I read it in kindle form, and mistakes were those that are usual in that format. Ending was only slightly disappointing, but the strength of the writing made up for that.

I will check out others by Mr. Ward.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Did you know this. . .?

Cabmen's Shelter Fund.

Seven degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #4- Miley Cyrus

I thought I was being clever this time by picking someone young and who I thought did not have a serious film or theater back ground. Someone popular with today's audiences. Someone barely twenty.
I was trying to make it hard on myself, trying to make myself do some digging. Maybe I should have tried Justin Bieber, but at the moment he is wanting to be taken seriously, so I though I should leave him alone, (Apparently he had a rough night at the CMA awards.)(Then again, he was in a movie with Miley Cyrus. . . so he may not have worked out either.)

But, again, it didn't turn out that hard. I guess it is true when we hear the quote, "I hear of Sherlock Holmes everywhere."

So here goes for Miley Cyrus;

Miley Cyrus born 1992; (Brett only had two more years as Holmes)

. . was in the movie 'Big Fish', 2003. . .

. . . which also starred the great, amongest others, Albert Finney, 1936 . . .

. . . who had a small part in 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother', 1975. . . 

So, there you have it, there you are. . . we are never all that far away from Sherlock Holmes.
I though I had stumped myself with this one. Someone I thought was 180 degrees away from Will Smith.

I will try once again next week to stump myself.

Monday, May 20, 2013

And if you do happen to be in Yorkshire, swing down to London and. . . .


Any of you ever heard of this place. . . . .? And darn! I was just there a couple of years ago.


Sherlocks is a little gem hidden in the middle of the very popular Flowergate. Sherlocks is set to the theme of Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes and the interior decor is superbly done. when you first step into Sherlocks its like stepping back in time.

Sherlocks At Whitby
Home made food is the speciality here with an excellent range of Sandwiches, buns and cakes always on offer. The Home made scones are simply “to die for” and go unrivalled throughout Yorkshire.
Address : Sherlocks, 10 Flowergate, Whitby, Noth Yorkshire.
Telephone : Tel (01947) 603399
Website : 

If you happen to be in Yorkshire. . . .


In case you're not getting enough. . ..

5 Super Stealthy Facts About 'Star Trek' Baddie Benedict Cumberbatch

By  | Movie Talk – Sun, May 19, 2013 1:28 AM EDT

He has successfully stolen the spotlight from his ensemble cast mates and blushingly touts his growing fan base of so-called Cumberpeople.
With the enormous amount of buzz that has been bestowed upon the star villain in "Star Trek Into Darkness," along with a four more films coming out this year, Benedict Cumberbatch is truly the man of the moment.
The 36-year-old actor first grabbed the attention of "Star Trek" reboot director J.J. Abrams as the leading man on the hit BBC show "Sherlock." And while he seems relatively fresh on the scene in the U.S., Cumberbatch has been entertaining British audiences since he was a boy in London performing Shakespeare plays in school.
After his college years, Cumberbatch started out on the London stage. His onscreen career started picking up steam in 2002 with British television parts – and very soon after, in 2003, movie roles started coming his way. His list of credits include former Oscar contenders "Atonement," "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," "War Horse," and "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." (Cumberbatch is the evil Necromancer!)
But even in those impressive titles, Cumberbatch was a supporting cast member. "Into Darkness" marks his time to shine in a leading role and launches the start to a huge year for the actor. He is reprising his Necromancer role in the next two "Hobbit" installments and is voicing the dragon Smaug – a part for which his physical moves were also motion-captured. He is playing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the biographical film "The Fifth Estate" and is set to star opposite Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep in the dramatic comedy "August: Osage County."
Cumberbatch is in five films total this year and has still managed the time to star in "Sherlock" – a seemingly impossible feat for any actor.

Since we will be seeing a lot of this guy in the coming months, let's review these telling and covert Cumberfacts:
5. He was worried about his 'Star Trek Into Darkness' role.
Shortly after Cumberbatch accepted Abrams's offer to play the villain in the second "Star Trek" installment, he ran into "Star Trek: The Next Generation" show alums Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) and Brent Spiner (Data). As Spiner told the story on a Nerdist podcast last year, Cumberbatch approached the two at a London restaurant. "I've just agreed to do the new 'Star Trek' movie… Is it going to damage my career?" Spiner recalls Cumberbatch asking. Spiner said he replied jokingly, "Listen Benedict, you'll never work again after this."
4. He almost wasn't an actor.
"My parents worked incredibly hard to give me a very privileged education so I could do anything but be as stupid as them and become an actor," the "Into Darkness" actor said recently. Indeed, Cumberbatch intended to be come a lawyer at the urging of his thespian parents – who were both working actors. “Unfortunately I didn’t pay any attention, like a lot of children, to my parents's wise words," he said.
3. He moonlights as an audiobook reader.
The next time you buy a book on tape, listen much more attentively to the person reading the prose. Cumberbatch has lent his voice to many audiobooks including – fittingly -- a Shakespeare title and "Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries and Other Stories." He has also done voice over work for Jaguar, Sony, and Google+ commercials.
2. He is currently single.
Cumberbatch had been a steadfast boyfriend to his college classmate Olivia Poulet… up until recently. The two dated for twelve years. But recently on Britain's "The Graham Norton Show," the actor referred to his "ex-girlfriend." Ladies, the door is now wide open.
1. He is a red head.
He has been dying his hair black for a while for "Sherlock" and kept it dark for "Star Trek." Low and behold, Cumberbatch has much lighter auburn hair. You can see his decidedly lighter hair in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."

Friday, May 17, 2013

Elementary episodes #23, 'The Woman' and #24, 'Heroine' - a review. . . .

I really liked it!

It came up to my hoped for expectations and I don't think it ended the series for this year on a bad note.

I wasn't expecting the Moriarty twist, although I did think Irene was going to be used by Moriarty or in some other way involved, and although first a little disappointed with the twist, I ended up finding it good and acceptable.

We had some great Sherlockain references and I am going to watch it again to see if I can catch more.

I think a strong ensemble cast pulled up everybody's acting and made for some very good performances.

This of course was led by Natalie Dormer, who convinced me that she was not only the wrongly done Irene Adler, but made the transformation to Moriarty quite convincing.
Her acting was top-notch, playing well the femme fatale' and the arch nemesis.

Performances by all the other co-stars, like I already said, only added to the episodes.

Arnold Vosloo (Mummy, 24) played a convincing bad guy, turned good guy, caught up in his past by Moriarty.

There seemed to be a better pace to these episodes which was probably driven by the fact that season one was coming to an end.

Lucy Liu's 'Watson' had a very strong presence in the episodes and proved that once again a good 'Watson' can carry his/her own weight in an investigation and is not just a 'mascot'.

I loved the closing scenes on the roof top.

The first episode, 'The Woman', was for me the best of the two, but I was happy with both of them in the end.
 And I look forward to season two.

Sherlockian references I came up with are;

Of course the use of the name Stapleton again. I think Holmes sending Watson off to investigate the case alone for the first hour was also a nod to Hound.

We also had 'Black Peter' referenced with the use of 'narwhal' and 'Sea Unicorn'.

And of course we had 'The Dying Detective' which was used in the end game.
I liked the fact that they had Bell find Holmes over doused, with Holmes probably knowing Watson would be able to tell if it was real or not on close examination.

We had Holmes's knowledge of art work which set the foundation for the story ( and I will get back to you on which case that is referring to, I can see it in my mind).


Safe houses scattered around the city.

And I hope with watching it again I will add some. (I am sure Buddy2blogger will have caught more.)

I think it was kind of good that they didn't have a death for Holmes in this one, it would have spoiled it after the cliff hanger that is 'Sherlock'.
But with Moriarty still alive, it could come in season two.

I think due to the fact that, in my opinion, these last two episodes were well above the previous ones, and using them as my base, I have to give the finale at least

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I have been remiss, and none of you took me to task about it. . ..

May reading list. . .

1895 May 6  - 3STU
1901 May 16 - PRIO
1903 May 26 - SHOS

Well, look at that, all odd years and all have taken place on a day with a six in it.

At least according to one chronology.

Secret Agent Splat, for the young Sherlockian in all of us.

Wears a deerstalker and carries a magnifying glass.

By Rob Scotton

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - #3 - Will Smith

I don't usually have a plan when I pick a name to make a Sherlockian connection with, it's usually just who pops into my head as I start to think about it or someone I see in a trailer or add for a movie or TV show.
Today I chose popular actor Will Smith, and didn't expect it to be so easy until I looked at his filmography.

So here goes. . . .

Will Smith. . . .                              

was in the movie Independence Day in 1996. . .                          

which also starred Margaret Colin. . .. 

who played Jane Watson in The Return of Sherlock Holmes 1987

I thought this one would take a little longer, but here it is. By the looks of his list of movies, I am sure there is more than one film connecting him to Sherlock Holmes.

I will try to find one that requires more steps next week.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Why do you hate it so Mr. B.K.?

We know you are an authority on the subject, you tell us so all the time.
But I think you are missing the point, which isn't surprising.
Surely it is no worse the than the dress up 'Holmes' you showed us at the 221bcon.
And surely it is no worse the the deviants who post so many offending pieces of art work, and I use the term art work loosely, about Holmes and Watson.
If you hate it so, which I have challenged you to do, don't watch the last episode, leave it for people who can at least get some fun out of 'playing the game'.
After all, wasn't Nigel Bruce one of the worst Watson's ever, yet we find him endearing at this point in time.
Sure the show is not what each of us would like it to be, and that would be different for each of us, but at least the Sherlockian community is finding some fun in playing the game. It has us talking Holmes and testing our skills at comparison.
We can't wait for 'Sherlock' to come out, we never know when or if it will.
So, stay on your high seat, with your jesters and let the rest of us get something out of it.

Elementary Episode #22 - 'Risk Management' - A review.

There are several things I really like about this episode, but it did have it's usual short comings.

The beginning started off pretty sharp with the, finally, involvement of Moriarty.
I think there was some stellar acting all the way around, and several twists to keep us involved.

So far the biggest complaint is the same as it has been for me for a while and that is the way 'Holmes' is being lead around to find clues.
He can see how it can be a plot device with the Moriarty part of the story, but it has also been an issue, for me, in several of the shows.
We see some good deductions on his part at times, but it seems the major ones are brought to his attention most of the time.

Part of that, I hope, will be resolved when 'Holmes' finally beats Moriarty, and I guess right now we are suppose to feel Moriarty is controlling the situation and eventually 'Holmes' will get a handle on the problem. We don't know yet why Moriarty needs Holmes and that's OK.

We had the wonderful quote, from FINA,  about 'Moriarty' at the center of the Spiders web delivered by 'Moriarty', which I thought was a great touch. After all, if 'Holmes' can have such a big ego about his abilities, why can't Moriarty.

We had the quote 'the Women' actually delivered by 'Holmes'.

The supporting cast was terrific.

I do have a question though; "What happened to Gottlieb?"

I don't think we are done with Moran.

And where is Mrs. Hudson?

I loved the soccer ball scenes and am trying to decide if that is in place of pistol shot 'V'.

This could be a good pivotal show depending on how it goes next week.

I am however only going to give a
 because of it's kinda wishy-washy approach, reserving the right to come back and change it if it actually helps develop the ending, or as may be the case, not.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Well I never!

And probably never will, not being a gaming fan and all. . . but for those of you who are. . .

'Sherlock Holmes' adventure bows on iPad

One of the highest-rated PC adventure games over the last decade has made its debut on the iPad.
Earning a score of 81 percent from IGN and 83 percent from Gamespot, Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (2006) is now available at Apple's App Store in a remixed "HD" version.
The game works well on tablets, though be aware of its hefty 739-megabyte file size. And while the App Store suggests the game is ideal for players who are 9 and older, the PC version was rated "Mature" (17 and older) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board because of violence, blood and gore, drug references and sexually suggestive themes.
In The Awakened, you play as Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. John H. Watson — inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictitious characters — who investigate a series of mysterious disappearances in 1894. The duo's sleuthing efforts initially lead them to an abandoned temple with a sacrificial alter, and eventually they link these murders to a strange asylum, human experiments on drug-induced patients and a cult tied to the Cthulhu mythos. Only by traveling to New Orleans to confront the source of these killings will Holmes and Watson be able to solve the case.
After you choose to play from a first- or third-person perspective, you'll walk around an attractive 3D world, interact with characters for clues (with more than 60 in the game, in total, all with competent voice acting), collect documents and other items for your inventory, and solve numerous puzzles.

Puzzles range from simple tasks — using the end of a spoon to pick a lock — to more challenging head-scratchers, like arranging numbers in the proper sequence, wearing a disguise to gain access to an asylum, deducing where a thief ran to in order to catch up to him and using your wits to avoid wild creatures in the Louisiana bayou.
Along with examining evidence left at the crime scene, you'll also gather clues to take back to Holmes' famous flat at 221 B Baker Street for further inspection under a microscope or by mixing with chemicals.
The game is fairly easy to maneuver around with the left thumb used for player movement and the right for head movement (in first-person view). Simply tap the screen to talk with characters, interact with objects or pick up inventory items. Hints and help are available, if needed.
If you enjoy a slower-paced, story-driven and puzzle-filled game, The Awakened is a successful PC port that looks, sounds and plays great on the iPad. The $6 download offers a deeper and more immersive interactive experience than casual diversions likeCandy Crush SagaTemple Run or Angry Birds — but despite what it says on the App Store, be aware this Victorian adventure is not for young players.
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened HD
Platform: iPad
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Frogwares
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Web site:
Price: $5.99
Rating: Mature
Score: 3.5 stars (out of 4)
Contact Saltzman at Follow him on Twitter: @marc_saltzman.

Purlioned from another site.

. . .but I couldn't get the other site to open from where it was originally posted, so here it is anyway.

Holmes to visit London in 'Elementary' season premiere

In the episode, the first to be shot outside New York, Holmes, played by Jonny Lee Miller, journeys back to his former home to look at an old case and, in the process, runs up against his past.

Sherlock Holmes will be taking a trip when Elementary returns in the fall.
The CBS drama is heading to London, the home of the original Holmes, to film the second-season premiere.
In the episode, the first to be shot outside New York, Holmes, the brilliant, eccentric detective played by Jonny Lee Miller, journeys back to his former home to look at an old case and, in the process, runs up against his past. Watson (Lucy Liu), the companion who keeps him grounded, learns more about Holmes before he moved to New York.
"We couldn't be more excited to have this opportunity to see Sherlock's old stomping grounds and take a closer look at a life that, until now, we've only been able to glimpse through the lens of his recovery," executive producer Robert Doherty said in a statement accompanying the filming announcement. "By meeting old friends and revisiting prior cases, Watson will gain even more insight into Holmes. She'll have to keep up with a Sherlock who is both more comfortable in his surroundings and even bolder in testing the limits of those around him."
The first-year drama (tonight, 10 ET/PT) is averaging 12.9 million viewers and, for the season, is winning its Thursday time slot in viewers and young adults.
The series also is popular internationally, performing well in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes - Clint Eastwood

I kinda was looking for someone who I thought may be hard to link with Sherlock Holmes, so I chose Clint Eastwood.

I didn't turn out as hard as I thought it would, and there turned out to be more than one connection.

So here goes.

Clint Eastwood -

was in a movie called - 

which starred Donald O'Connor (one of my all time favorites) - 

who was in the 1939 movie Beau Geste - 

which also included in it's cast the versatile Robert Preston - 

who participated in the movie Star Spangled Rhythm - 

of which Arthur Treacher -

of Mary Poppins
 and fish and chips fame, worked with Reginald Owens (as Admiral Boom)

of 1932 Sherlock Holmes, as Watson (and many other) fame - Reginald Owen
(So I guess we could do away with Arthur Treacher since Reginald Owen was in Mary Poppins, but I just really like fish and chips so I am going to leave him in).

Just thought you may want to know.. . . . .

And Yes! there is a connection to the world of Holmes.

Is this the next face of Sherlock Holmes????

Find out here.