Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Once again the BSI is in someones crosshairs.

It always astounds me when a group that is so hated by a certain individual is always be taken to task by that same individual.

My family once had a friend, my brother's friend, who always liked to compare England to just about every place else, usually trying to get to my very English dad.
"Well England may have done this, but such-n-such did this, which seemed better than anything England could have done.."

I would never participate in these discussions cause I never could get the point, except maybe to make one's self look better. I always had more respect for the more humble people who didn't seem to need to make someone else look bad for them to look good.

A certain Illinois blogger is once again making noise about the BSI, and just like his constant complaint about 'Elementary' I have to think; "If you think so little of it, why do you spend so much time trying to pull it down or make it look bad?"

In the case of the BSI, why doesn't he just turn in his investiture and prove to everyone that he doesn't think it is so important. Or better yet, if you do like it, but want to change things. . .  GET INVOLVED!

Another non-inclusive society has also started taking aim at the BSI because they didn't agree with an editing decision.

Most of us realize that for whatever reason we will never get invited into the BSI. Sad, but true.
But most of also realize that that is because we are not all that great at writing a very scholarly paper.
Try as I may, I am not deft enough with the pen to make that leap.

Oh, well. He got his recognition, and I guess he thinks that puts him above the rest of us and that we may all think more about his opinion.

Well, Illinois is cold this winter, but what can you expect.