Monday, January 27, 2014

I am no longer a virgin thanks to Scott Monty and Burt Wolder. . . .

Podcast virgin that is.

Just like I have never tweeted or tumbled, ( I love blogging, but am afraid adding more social media chores would really stretch my limited posting time), I had never listened to a podcast.

Didn't know how.

Did I need an IPOD?

Did I want to invest in another gadget?

I don't very often just sit down and listen to the radio. It is usually something that takes place while I am driving. So to actually catch a rather long program is usually not in my daily routine. If I do listen to a longer program, like Prairie Home Companion, I try to time it with a long drive out to the cabin or somethin'.

After this weekend, that may have to change.

I decided to explore the world of the podcast, more specifically how it relates to that great site 'I hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

I found I could listen to programs on my IPAD ( I love my IPAD), and I started there.

But I wanted to be able to listen where I don't get wi-fi.

ITUNES apps was more than happy to help out there with their pod cast app. ( I know, most of you are already old hats at this podcast stuff.)

I downloaded the app and found I could download and keep, so there fore, could take with me, any episode I wanted.

I first recorded episode sixty and also added the interview with Brad. (Haven't got to the latter yet.)

I shouldn't have been surprised at how professional the programs were. I felt I was listening to an NPR program or at the very least, a good sports chat program. Entertaining and a good pace. Informative and easy to listen to. The two hosts played well off of each other.

I did not hear a single valley-girl 'um' throughout all I listened to. I takes a lot of practice and skill to do that in a long program.

I will never forget my first time and look forward to doing it again. Thanks gentlemen, keep up the good work.


  1. While I've had a computer for years (and the computer I'm using now--my only one--is nine years old) I did not get onto the internet until 2010. One of the first things I did was look for Sherlock Holmes sites. I quickly found IHOSE. Burt and Scott provide the right amount of entertainment and erudition. Since high school, when I first considered myself to have become a Sherlockian, my interest in the world of Holmes and Doyle was a solitary pursuit. They connected me to the large Sherlockian world both physically (I joined the Speckled Band of Boston after listening to such episodes as "28: Friendship" and "18: The Sons of the Copper Beeches") and emotionally, through the interview shows with Peter Blau, Michael Whelan, David Morrill, Fritz Weaver and others. The first podcast dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and his world is still the best. I envy you your first listen and I suspect that, like me, you'll listen to them more than once.

  2. John, we can't thank you enough for this unsolicited and sincere writeup. Burt and I wish we could do the show more frequently (we were much more aggressive when we first started), but alas, the real world intervenes. However, in offering less frequent shows, we find that it gives us the ability to dig deeper into the topics, to be circumspect about what we choose to air, and to record longer shows. We hope to continue on this trajectory for some time to come.