Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seven Degrees of Sherlock Holmes #33 - Christmas addition - Tim Allen

Ho, ho ho!

Holiday additions of 7 Degrees coming up for the next couple of weeks. Actors in Holiday Themed movies.

So let's begin.

Funny man Tim Allen - (1953)

was in a film in 1999 Galaxy Quest

which the talented Alan Rickman (1946) also took part

who was in a BBC television production of Romeo and Juliet

with Sir John Gielgud (1904-2000)

who participated in 1956's Around the World in Eighty Days 

of which Melville Cooper (1896 - 1973) also took part

who also took part in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1933)

in which we already know one of the top Sherlock Holmes actors, Basil Rathbone, took part.

So there you have it, there you are.
Compliments of the Season.


  1. John Gielgud played Sherlock Holmes (with Ralph Richardson as his Watson) on BBC radio in the 1950's. I haven't heard them, but I have heard that they're good. That should eliminate a few degrees.

    1. The more degrees we can this time of year the better.
      Thanks for stopping by.