Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Third Installment from the Empty House

December 2, 2011, Sophia and I drove to Alongi’s for our third meeting of The Occupants of the Empty House.  The evening began with the Occupants outstanding camaraderie and Sherlockian conversation. Alongi’s service was excellent as usual and after ordering our dinners, business was attended to including a review of the Gillette to Brett III convention, provided by yours truly.

Janet provided an excellent paper on The Golden Pince-Nez, including diagrams of the various styles and two actual pince-nez for us to try on.  There are too many types of pince-nez glasses to detail here.    I assure you Janet offered an outstanding summary on the subject.

A special thank you to Debi and Stan for allowing me the winning bid to earn an Occupants’ of the Empty House Christmas card.  This is the first Christmas card to be displayed on our mantle this year.  The card itself makes you feel as welcome as the Occupants themselves.

On a very important note, the Occupants made a contribution to Coats for Kids, a charity run by Mr. Alongi, yes Mr. Alongi, of Alongi’s restaurant fame.  Besides running a restaurant full time, Mr. Alongi started a charity when he found children in Illinois going to school without coats during the winter.  For year’s no one knew Mr. Alongi was organizing the charity.  If you are ever in DuQuoin, stop in for a meal at Alongi’s and meet Mr. Alongi and shake his hand.  We need more people like Mr. Alongi in the world.

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