Thursday, March 24, 2016

Elementary S4E17 - You've Got Me, Who's Got you - half a review.

Well, I made sure the DVR was set to catch the show on it's new night, but something must have run over time because I only ended up getting half the episode. So, the reason for only half a review.
Holmes is called in to investigate the death of a costumed 'super hero'.
A man dressed like the 'Midnight Ranger' who goes around trying to stop crime disguised as a comic book hero.
Joan is approached, in a round about way, by Morland Holmes to investigate a deal gone bad in his company.

Well, at least the half I got to watch was a lot of fun. And considering the amount of money to be made in 'comics-to-movies' it seemed like it could be a good story line.

I thought the observations by Holmes were well done, especially the one about the type of stitching in the super hero costume.( I didn't know you could call a male seamstress a semester.)

I love how Riechenbach Falls was worked into the story line.

The dialogue was, at least up to the point I got to see, very light hearted and fun.

Whether we like Morland or not, he does add the few moments of  'class' that most Holmes stories require to make them 'British'.

So, more the parts I got to watch, I can fairly give this episode;


  1. Blame it on March Madness. Basketball ended on Sunday 35 minutes late. Worth catching On Demand.

    1. Yea, I will watch it again somewhere.

    2. Loved your review of Hound on IHOSE

    3. Well, thanks to you. Your review of "Hounded" made me think of the reasons why I liked the episode and how it navigated the challenges of condensing a novel into a coherent 42 minutes and changing the supernatural/scientific Gothic elements into commerce/scientific ethics--developing drought-resistant rice to feel the world or "war dogs" or using a robot pack-mule as a killing machine. That's modern-day scary.