Thursday, September 24, 2015

Arthur and George - Second Impressions . . . .

I have now watched the first two installments of 'Arthur and George' and am so far enjoying it very much.

Probably more so because it is not a Sherlockain adaptation, where I would be examining it on its Canonical merit.

This however I can sit back and enjoy as a fictional accounting of a real event in Doyle's life.

The lead actors are doing a good job and are believable in there roles.
The sets are still wonderful and it seems like great care was put into the production.
The portrayal of Doyle and his private life are interesting and make one want to go out and do more reading. And if I walk away from any show wanting to know more, I consider it a success.

I find the Sherlockian references when they come along add a little humour to the show. I especially liked George's sisters dialog with Doyle in the garden pertaining to footprints.

I am hoping to hear Doyleockians take on the show for it's faithfulness to Doyle and his thoughts on whether of not he thinks Edlaji was innocent or not.

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