Sunday, April 28, 2019

Once again he is onto his favorite subject -The BSI

Come on Sherlock Peoria, give back your shilling, take off your armor and become the serf you claim you really are.

You are starting to sound like you did for the first eight years of Elementary, and a broken record.

To me it just makes you sound like you are wanting to fit in with what is popular at the moment.

If all Sherlockian is good Sherlockian, move on!

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  1. "We make each other Sherlockians, every one of us. And if the old ways come to have limits that can’t work as they did decades and decades ago, we very well could see more new ways as the great Sherlockian river flows around obstacles that stand in its path. Starting to see that happening with a thing or two of late, and I am curious as to where it might eventually lead." What happens when a river meets and obstacle? Sometimes the river flows around it and meets up again, and if the river is strong enough, erodes the obstacle down. If the obstacle is great enough, the river becomes two streams, perhaps never to meet again. Two separate rivers. Perhaps in time those two rivers also meet obstacles and divide more, until what we have is a Mississippi delta of branches leeching out into a sea, lacking the power and objective of what it once had at its strongest flow. If knight begets knights, then soon everyone's a knight and the term looses meaning. Let Don Quixote attack his windmill dragons, John. There may come a time when Quixote will awaken from his dream and be Quixano once more, but it's best not to wake a sleepwalker.