Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A rather interesting piece on "Young Sherlock Holmes"

Young Sherlock Holmes


  1. I avoided the movie when it first come out---Holmes and Watson as childhood chums offended my Sherlockian sensibilities. I still have yet to see it. It has a mixed reputation among Holmes fans. Sound familiar? Someday, I will watch it.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines as the author of the essay and saw the parallels between the movie and the Harry Potter series. However, I didn't like the movie as much. The implication of Holmes' personality in this movie is that Holmes was born with his brilliant abilities of deductive reasoning, which left little room to develop the mental discipline which is the most alluring aspect of Holmes.
    It would have been a more interesting movie to see Holmes as a youngster who made mistakes, jumped to conclusions, and lacking knowledge but arrogant about what he knew- and only then ended up as the Holmes we know through willpower and hard work. That kind of character growth is seldom seen rather than the development of an emotional callus which was presented in the movie.
    I did like Watson. He was cowardly at first, but as the movie went on his strength of heart became more evident to make him the man that would become Holmes' confidante.

    1. Well your points are good and understandable, but I like it much more than you and find Watson 'Nigel Bruce' for my liking.
      I didn't get the impression that Holmes' abilities were entirely gifts from birth.
      Thanks for your comments.

    2. PS, say hi to Gordon and Joe and all the other PC members for me.

    3. Perhaps you are correct. My criticisms of the movie are not about what the movie is as it stands, but that it could have been done better.

      You should say hello to them yourself. We are having birthday tea for ACD's birthday on Thursday, May 22 at 11:30 AM in the London Tea Room (Tower Grove area). Do join us!

    4. Alas, I am at work at 11:30 am on Thursday. I am sure it will be a fun event.

    5. Boo for day jobs. Anyhow, I will be sure to post a re-cap and pictures on my blog for those interested.