Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My review of 'The Abominable Bride'. . . .

is yet to come. I was, or am, looking for a way to review it that hasn't been done yet. Or at least that I have seen. Not being as great a wordsmith as most reviewers, or as I would like to be, I needed to come up with something simple, like my way of enjoying Sherlock Holmes.

So, last night as I started to watch the episode for the second time, I had a pad of paper and pencil with me and made two columns.
One column was marked 'Like' and the other 'Not liked' and each time something would change in the episode or an event would happen that to cause a reaction I would make a mark in the appropriate column for my reaction.
Some scenes the reaction would go back and forth.
About half way through the second viewing I am a little surprise that the two columns are pretty close in ticks.

In my post on Jan. 8th I tongue-in-cheek asked the question of  The Abominable Bride (can we abbrivate it 'ABOM'?) "With out a Clue, Part Deux"?  I am still leaning that way.

A couple more evenings and I should be done with my second viewing and will post the results here.

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