Tuesday, February 2, 2016

From pre-war cartoon strip to war time pin-up, pin-up to HOUN - The 'Jane' comic strip of Norman Pett - sort of a SDSH

As I am often doing research about WW2 and my dads time in service I often find some very fun things along the way.
And if they have anything to do with art or cartooning I find them even more interesting.
Most of the time these cartoons were used for either instruction manuals or as morale busters.
Some were sometimes used for both.
Bugs and Mickey even got drafted for duty during the war.

I came across one not to long ago that is a lot of fun.

Jane by Norman Pett started in 1932 as sort of a wager. And continued well after the war.
She did however do her part during the terrible conflict.

 Usually at some point in each strip Jane would end up in only her undergarmnets.
 However there was a point after the beginning of 1943 where she fell out of the bath completly nude and then that trend continued.
Pett's wife was his first model until she decided to take up golf (why you have to give up one to do the other I will never know).

She was followed by Chrystable leighton-Porter, who also did a strip show as Jane and would also in 1949 make a movie about Jane's adventures.

The Jane strip lasted until 1959 with a couple of attempts after that to revieve the strip in one form or another.

So, what does this have to do with Sherlock Holmes you ask?

Well in 1982 a young actress by the name of Glynis Barber brought Jane to life on TV.

Glynis would also go on to play the part of Beryl Stapelton in 1983 Hound of the Baskervilles.

So, there you have it, there you are.


  1. I remember the Jane cartoon in the daily paper during the war. It was a question of whether she was my favourite or was it Garth>