Monday, December 29, 2014

Do you agree?

10 Best Sherlock Holmes Film Adaptations


  1. Agree or disagree, is not the question for me. He says, "Here are 10 of the best adaptations of Sherlock Holmes as rated by viewers, critics, and polls." What viewers have seen what someone claims are 70+ actors & 200+ films? What critics, who has read these critics? What polls, where are these polls available for view. This is simply the writer's opinion, who has viewed a few films I'm sure, but is certainly unaware that many more exist than the numbers he mentioned. What critiera is he basing the adaptions on? Is it the acting, the scenery, the accuracy to the Canon, or the sheer enjoyment the viewer got from it? It is so vauge a question that one can't really agree or disagree, one can only give an opinion as to their choices, for their limited viewings. I will say, having viewed far more Holmes media than the average Sherlockian, my list would be far different from this list, but that would simply be an opinion. These type of articles can be fun for someone to stir up controversy and discussion, since all of us opinions and personal favorites, and tend to want to scream out - "Hey you forgot, or what about...? Yet in the end I never would venture to agree or disagree, because it's simply that person's opinion, based on that person's limited viewing knowledge and they are entitled to it.

  2. Good list. Many lists usually miss out on Vasily Livanov's version. For a change, this one did not.

    I just wish Douglas Wilmer was there too.


    1. I just wish Vasily's stuff was easier to get to.
      Thanks for stopping by.